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LinkedIn Works for Weddings Too!

Ismael Ghalimi on his IT Redux blog tells a great story about how, with some of his wedding guests facing a serious problem with plane connections, he was able to leverage his LinkedIn network to find a solution.

LinkedIn for Recruiting Book Ready

In recent weeks I’ve had the great privilege of working with a leader in the recruitment industry, Bill Vick of Dallas, Texas, as his co-author on the book Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting (link temporarily removed – site access problem). I learnt a lot from the exercise, about recruiting definitely, but also about online networking. […]

Flying Solo: Book Review

A post of mine back in mid-October, Tips for Home Based Business and a New Book, was inspired by an interview I’d caught on breakfast television. One of the people interviewed was Sam Leader, a co-author of the book I’m reviewing here. I’ve been meaning to review it ever since then, especially as Sam was […]

Australians – Different Faces, One People

Whatever my opinions on various international, national and local political issues, my view has been that this is a business blog and if I want to get into political discussion I have other blogs. But I can’t ignore the shameful events of recent days in Sydney, the city of my birth, with riotous clashes between […]

Duncan Riley’s Call for an Australian Business Blogging Conference

Been meaning to follow up more quickly on Duncan Riley’s clarion call for people to help put together an Australian business blogging conference. I talked/emailed with a few people about this a few months ago and found that, as the comments on Duncan’s post indicate, there are various points of view about what an Australian […]