If you spend a lot of time in front of your screen working online you may find it useful, and healthy, ….and pretty easy too, I might add to do a Yoga workout that I do. It is called T5T and was developed by an Australian lady called Carolinda Witt….

She has just started a blog too, and is very open to discussing with people how they can help themselves, heal themselves…. By the way, I do the T5T exercises or rites every day…. well most days anyway.

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  1. One of the nicest things for me about T5T is you can start slow and build up the full number of repetitions, at your own pace, over time. Having been deterred from doing yoga in the past because everyone I knew who did yoga seemed to be super flexible, which I’m not, it was great to be introduced to T5T (thanks Chris). And you don’t need a gym to do it – if there’s enough room to stretch out lengthways in a hotel room you can do your T5T routines before you go out and face the business of the day. And even the busiest person can surely find 15 minutes in the day to do this workout.