Smarter Web Design and Would You Like a Blog With That?

Until recently, when someone has been telling me about the new website they are having designed, I have asked whether they are incorporating blog functionality. I’ve stopped doing that, because what seems to happen is that those who get interested and then go and ask their web designer the question seem to get nowhere.

In one instance, a person was told that yes, a blog could be incorporated, but it would be “very expensive”. I wondered how expensive it would be for a good web designer to incorporate a WordPress blog, for instance – i.e. open source, free download.

That lack of awareness of how blogging can enhance a website may be more of an Australian thing, as business blogging has not (yet) taken off here. Maybe web designers in the USA and Canada and Europe are much more switched on and able to respond more helpfully to questions about incorporating a blog in a website – better still, volunteer the idea, with confidence that they can deliver added value to the customer.

Be that as it may, I was delighted when my friend and colleague H. Dean Hua decided to move on from being a financial adviser and set up Sachi Studio, with the motto ‘marrying web design with strategic blogging solutions’.

This is good for business blogging. Dean knows blogging and is a blogger. He is also very business oriented and in my experience does not promote blogging for the sake of it, but – as the firm’s motto suggests – as part of a strategic approach to a business’s online presence and overall business strategy.

He is also an excellent listener and a great asker of questions and promoter of discussion, as those of us know who are members of the Networker’s Network and Website Evangelism groups which Dean hosts on Ryze. So anyone bringing their web project to Sachi Studio can expect to be listened to properly and helped expertly to understand the online strategic options available to them.

In short, I couldn’t think of a better person/firm to refer someone to who wanted a business-oriented web solution, with inbuilt blog functionality – including anyone whose question is “why would I want a blog with that?”

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  1. Nick

    Great comment, thanks. Next time I’m asked I’ll have your comments and Naina’s ready (with attribution of course!). I know how to find Naina’s blog but don’t know how to find your Workplace Visions, so feel free to leave a url here.


  2. Naina

    Thanks for the very thoughtful comment. I’m fairly clear that the person who said it would be expensive simply didn’t know what was involved and maybe didn’t want to know! People like to stay in their comfort zones.


  3. Blogs ain’t expensive. If your web host provider has blog software, such as WordPress in their control panel, the blog can be installed within your website with the click of a button. If a blogger happens to have experience in designing websites, but not in PHP programming, they can design a theme themselves and outsource to a php programmer to convert the design. For example, I am starting a new blog called Workplace Visions. Being a former web designer, I design my own websites, and outsource any programming work. For my blog, Workplace Visions, I have given the task of converting my design to a WordPress theme to Elegant Webscapes. The cost to me, $75 for the coding.

  4. Anonymous says:


    It is not that incorporating a blog is an “expensive” proposition. I am surprised that a designer would take the risk of saying that when open source and free blogging platforms like WordPress are available.

    It isn’t the blog incorporation that is expensive – considering that the designer/programmer is not expected to design a blog portal from scratch – it’s the design that needs work. Usually since the designer is designing the website, he/she will use the same look for the blog template as well. This doesn’t mean that the designer will simply have to copy code – he/she will have to use images and icons and fonts and integrate it with the blogging platform of choice.

    For example, WordPress can be customized using innumerable templates, freely available on the web [ and a designer cannot use those templates for commercial purposes ] – he/she will change icons, header images, layout, color schemes, fonts etc. to make the look more suitable to the client’s website.

    And I suppose that this would be the “expensive” bit – afterall, on the online medium, literally “everyone” has a blog and unless your blog looks “different” – there’s no fun eh! No one wants to have “just another blog”.