Why Pro Blogger Darren Rowse Loves His Blogging Business

Checking out the new SoloTees blog today, I found an interview with pro blogger Darren Rowse, aka the ‘six figure blogger’. The whole interview makes very interesting reading for anyone interested in what makes an entrepreneur tick. It also gives some insight into why some people really enjoy making blogging the focus of their business.

Darren says there among the factors that attract him to his current business are:

  • freedom

  • flexibility

  • independence

  • creativity

  • innovation

  • networking

From reading the interview it’s pretty clear that Darren has had to work hard to achieve what he has, but how many people can say, hand on heart, that their business gives them all six of those features, or even most of them?

So what if he could bottle what he does and others could ‘buy and apply’? As I understand it, that’s basically what Darren and another pro blogger, my mentor Andy Wibbels, did when they got together not long ago to present their Six Figure Blogging course for people wanting to create a blogging business, or to learn ‘tricks of the trade’ to apply as part of doing business online. The live version of the course they developed together is apparently now complete or almost so, but they are working on a ‘home study’ version – information about that here.

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