Archives for November 2005

Smarter Web Design and Would You Like a Blog With That?

Until recently, when someone has been telling me about the new website they are having designed, I have asked whether they are incorporating blog functionality. I’ve stopped doing that, because what seems to happen is that those who get interested and then go and ask their web designer the question seem to get nowhere. In […]

Helpful List of Blog Directories

Lately I’ve been thinking it’s high time I checked my listings on various blog directories and at the same time kept an eye out for new directories. Someone was listening. Thanks to Lee Odden, via Dina Giolitto of for the link to the Monster List of Blog Directories or to give it its full title, […]


If you spend a lot of time in front of your screen working online you may find it useful, and healthy, ….and pretty easy too, I might add to do a Yoga workout that I do. It is called T5T and was developed by an Australian lady called Carolinda Witt…. She has just started a […]

World Swim for Malaria

The equivalent of seven jumbo jets full of children die every day from the highly preventable disease, malaria (3,000 children every day) The single most effective way of preventing malaria is to have people in affected areas sleep under a mosquito net which can be bought for US$5 So a young Australian, Rob Mather, and […]

Better/Best Blogging Tools

Here is a question I would like to pose to Des’s blog visitors…. What is the blogging tool that is best in your opinion?  I am familiar with a couple of the bigger branded products that are out there… but what is the favored tool for people who are in the home or small business […]