Martin Neumann’s Home Office Voice in Top Ten

One of the many things I love about the blogosphere is that so many bloggers are very generous with information. Martin Neumann of Home Office Voice is no exception.

So I was pleased to see Martin indulging in some well-earned kudos by being listed in Scott Allen’s Top Ten Most Practical Blogs for Entrepreneurs. As Martin rightly observes, Scott is a highly regarded entrepreneur and has all the right credentials to be seen as an excellent judge of quality and practicality in the blogs he lists.

And Martin’s being an Aussie is an added feature for me of this excellent choice by Scott. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Des,

    If we all can’t indulge ourselves just a little then what’s the point, heh 😉

    And that’s exactly why I love blogging – I haven’t come across too many big-name / A-list type bloggers who snub you (okay, a couple!) – we’re really all in this together in one way and just as I love getting a buzz from getting picked by Scott what I love the most is to help out other bloggers whenever I can with a link or comment – I know the feeling you get.

    Yep, just like you Des, I’m an Aussie … and boy aren’t we taking on the world in this blogging game 🙂