Feeling Left Out No More: I Have a WordPress.com Site to Play With

When I read Tris Hussey’s review of the new wordpress.com blog service, I left a comment reiterating my complaint that I had not so far had an invitation to test the system, although I had definitely had my interest registered for some time.

Tris, of Blog Consulting and Professional Blogging a View from the Isle came through almost instantly with an invitation to have a wordpress.com blog, which I now have but am resisting the temptation to play with today as I have a couple of deadlines to meet before the day’s out.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh come on Des … you know you want to play with WP … come on … only a minute, only a minute. ;-).

    You’re very welcome.

    BTW, my WP.com blog is ProBloggging How To