Earn While You Blog – Thoughts on Blogging Networks

Martin Neuman posts interestingly and often over on Home Office Voice. He has hit a commenting vein with his ‘Blog Networks: Are They Right For You? post a few days ago. Writing about a couple of new networks, b5media and 9rules, Martin raised some interesting questions about bloggers’ ownership of what they write for a network.

With b5media, the contributing bloggers give up ownership of the content they produce. With 9rules, they keep the ownership of their content. Big difference!

I’m all in favour of bloggers earning a dollar or lots of dollars from their blogging. But if you are into blogging as a business, you need to do due diligence as for any other business. Are the trade-offs from relinquishing the rights to your intellectual property worthwhile? Do the terms of the agreement allow for you to retain and express your unique viewpoint as a blogger?

The post and the multiple comments are well worth the visit. It’s particularly interesting to read some of the comments by network owners themselves.

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  1. Martin

    I also believe there is a more fundamental issue here, a parting of the ways if you like, from the concept of a blog as a means of self-expression to the concept of a blog as a means of earning an income. Then it’s a short step to saying, what if I could earn a HUGE income? It’s very important – I would say essential – for people to figure out early in the piece why they are blogging and what they want from it. And like you I’m sceptical about how many are going to be able to give up their day job and just blog for dollars – and sustain their enthusiasm through thick and thin, bloggers’ block etc.


  2. Thanks for the write up Des.

    Boy did I every hit a vein! And you are exactly right – “due diligence” is what it’s all about. If you know the rules before you play the game and are happy with that then that’s fine.

    But what I wouldn’t want to see is people get unintentionally fooled in by the chance to earn “six figures” from blogging, when the reality is that the vast majority won’t even get near that.