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Earn While You Blog – Thoughts on Blogging Networks

Martin Neuman posts interestingly and often over on Home Office Voice. He has hit a commenting vein with his ‘Blog Networks: Are They Right For You? post a few days ago. Writing about a couple of new networks, b5media and 9rules, Martin┬áraised some interesting questions about bloggers’ ownership of what they write for a network. […]

Master of Making You Laugh and Learn – Rick Segel

This month of September has been branded by our New South Wales State Government’s Department of State and Regional Development as Small Business Month and there’s been a raft of government and business sponsored activities to go with that. Up here in the Northern Rivers region, a semi-rural community hundreds of kilometres (or miles) from the State […]

Would You Believe an Aussie Pollie Doggy Blog?

Australian millionaire merchant banker turned politician Malcolm Turnbull is seen by many as a very tough political operator, having secured his seat in the Federal Parliament by running and winning a divisive pre-selection campaign against the then sitting member from his conservative government party (a tactic regarded by many in his party as very poor form). Quite […]

Retail Games – Let’s Play ‘Get the Customer’

Everyone knows the theory: the customer may not always be right but smart business owners want customers to be happy if that can be achieved within reason. And smart business owners want their employees to get that too, and act on it, consistently. That said, I sometimes think that counter staff in some of the […]

Aussie bloggers roundup

In his state of Australian blogging post, Trevor Cook has produced what looks to me like an excellent overview of the Australian blogosphere. There are links to a number of notable bloggers and some great comments. Overall, blogging in Australia lags behind the US and probably behind some Asian and European countries. Why? One reason is […]