I haven’t bought an iPod yet and now they’re talking videoPod

An interesting story in The Australian newspaper’s IT section by long time Apple watcher David Frith, on video podcasting and rumours of developments at Apple.

‘Video-pod: fact or phantom?’

THE personal computing world has been abuzz over the past week with claims Apple Computer is planning to follow up its phenomenally successful iPod music player with a “video-pod” portable device.

Like many Apple rumours, it sounds unlikely at first: chief executive Steve Jobs has previously downplayed speculation along these lines, saying he can’t see much of a market for the concept.

Mobile music is one thing, mobile video quite another.

Maybe by the time I get around to buying an iPod they’ll have built in a video capability so I get a twofer.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    oh des i too was slow in the whole pod phenomena. I reluctantly accepted one as a gift 2 years ago. A little confused with downloading, as you see most of my music was on vinyl. The rationale was to put all my vinyl onto Pod, but i truly enjoy the vinyl sound, that led the discovery of the others forms of music available in the world wide web. I haven’t looked back since then. i rarely leave home without Pod. So maybe the video pod mighnt be such a bad addition