London Bombings and the Bigger Picture

You would need a heart of stone not to be moved by the suffering of people caught by the London bombings and the suffering of their friends and loved ones. But if, like me, you are fortunate enough not to have that sort of personal connection, just how much more of value can you hope to glean from the umpteenth television or radio rehash of what’s happened and what the pundits think it all means?

I certainly don’t think ‘it’s not my problem’. As a citizen of the world I feel an obligation to be informed and to take what action I find available to me. The challenge for me in wanting to be well informed is to find better sources of information and opinion than are likely to come my way via the regurgitated ‘news’ that is already processed for the mass viewer/reader/listener and, like processed food, already has most of the good stuff taken out.

At times like this, blogs come into their own. I’ve just spent a quite moving half hour or so reading posts from Muslims in various parts of the world, expressing their own sorrow and outrage and providing some very thoughtful observations on the bigger picture and longer term considerations. And I found a blog, Global Voices Online, which provides an ongoing forum and technologically supported process for people from all countries and cultures to have their voices and stories heard, without having to wait (usually in vain) for CNN or other news media behemoths to find them or be interested in communicating what they have to say.

Global Voices Online’s self-description is:

Global Voices is an international effort to diversify the conversation taking place online by involving speakers from around the world, and developing tools, institutions and relationships to help make these voices heard.

Current posts and comments worth checking are:

Comments from the Arab-language Blogosphere on the London Blasts

Is it a Muslim Problem?

Site is worth a regular pheed.









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  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely, Noric. Some people disparage the ‘citizen journalism’ argument for blogs on the basis that what’s blogged is neither guided by the experience, training and ethics of the professional journalist nor managed by a professional editor. But that’s what some of us like about it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I agree. At these times it becomes clearer that conventional TV media pushes largely opinion not news, positions not analysis, pop reality television not historical synthesis. Broadcasting this are those who own, finance and work in mainstream TV. The different financial model and ecosystem in operation for bloggers and other netcasters gives us some hope that there will remain room for nuanced and alternative perspectives -uncorrupted by money. monopoly and myopia.