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Helpful Tips on Audio File Size from Jason Salas

This is about some information I found today on creating and tweaking audio files. Like many other home based business owners, I usually have to be my own tech support. That’s ok, except I’m not a technical kind of guy. Whenever I get stuck with some technical problem with computers, the web, blogging, podcasting etc, […]

Simon & Schuster Comes up Trumps for Customer Service

It’s good to be able to tell a story of exemplary customer service. To back up for a minute, back in March this year I ordered from Amazon a copy of Dr Stephen Covey’s book,  The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness. I’d previously borrowed a copy from the local library and had viewed some […]

Review of

If you’re looking for an office software product – word processor, calculations, database etc- as an alternative to Bill’s one, you will probably find this review at the blog of more than passing interest: So I was reading Mark O’Sullivan’s comment on my post about Beaumont Hospital where he mentions that is as […]

Links to the European Blogosphere and an Irish Podcast

Whether it’s because I’ve been introduced to blogging by Americans mainly, or because of the way I have my Newsgator and other pheed catchers set up, I’ve only rarely been noticing links from European blogs. So it was very agreeable today to click from an item in my Newsgator feed from Global Voices Online to the Loic Le […]

I haven’t bought an iPod yet and now they’re talking videoPod

An interesting story in The Australian newspaper’s IT section by long time Apple watcher David Frith, on video podcasting and rumours of developments at Apple. ‘Video-pod: fact or phantom?’ THE personal computing world has been abuzz over the past week with claims Apple Computer is planning to follow up its phenomenally successful iPod music player with a […]