My first podcast

I’ve bitten the bullet and with help from Andy Wibbels’ Podcasting Bootcamp (see sidebar) and Audioblog, I’ve done this, my first podcast – and it’s a breeze!

Notes: Nov 30, 2005

I’ve switched my podcast hosting from Audioblog to and will place the new link here as soon as I have it. In the meantime, you can find it here.

Also, I don’t have a current link to AndyWibbels’ podcasting bootcamp but you can find out about Andy’s programs here.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for the link – looks awesome and I’m sure there are hours of interesting listening there. As I have a pile of other things to do I bookmarked it and resisted the temptation to start downloading immediately!


  2. Anonymous says:


    Just re-read this and realised I’ve been slack in not continuing the podcasting. To be remedied!


  3. Anonymous says:

    For a very nicely done podcast, via Skype, check out For Immediate Release, at . Very professionally done, and sounds quite good.

  4. Anonymous says:

    nice little podcast, Des. Short and sweet, that’s how it should be.

    For me, the jury is still out on podcasting. The one’s I’m interested in are usually 8, 9, 10+Mb and without failure the quality goes bad everytime someone’s being interviewed (mostly because it’s done through Skype).

    Anyhow, from one skeptic to another (or are you on board now;-) … well done!