Archives for June 2005

Buying Equipment – Get What Works for You

I’ve got a new computer and I can hardly believe how much faster it is than the laptop I’ve just pensioned off. I admit I’d slipped into tolerating the limitations of the old machine – is that a tendency of people who work from home, not upgrading when we need to? Anyway, in the best […]

And Now for a Contrarian View on Blogging

As a self-styled blogging evangelist, my default mode in speaking or writing about blogging is unashamedly positive. Some might say Pollyana-ish – although that for me is not a bad rap – who was the original grinch who decided that being unfailingly positive was a bad thing? But I do understand that there are sceptics, […]

Blog Business Summit II Getting Close

It doesn’t seem that long since the first Blog Business Summit in Seattle, but it was in fact back in late January. And now the organisers are gearing up for the second summit, this time in San Francisco, August 17-19. I’m sure it will be interesting, although it seems very close to not have speakers […]

No Envy for the Salaryman’s Lot

On my early morning walk today I saw, as usual, a motley array of people similarly engaged, whether walking on the beach or along the footpath that circles the beach. The common feature was that they were all dressed casually, in this casual, holiday mecca location, and walking casually, or with a spring in their step, […]

Popular Aussie TV Program Discovers Blogging

There was a time when I considered watching TV on a weekday morning a sign of encroaching or realised decadence. Not any more. I admit it, I watch morning TV regularly and am informed and enthused by it. But this is morning TV with a difference. Most weekdays we have the popular Australian breakfast TV […]