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Spent a few hours yesterday getting some education about internet security and search optimization. This was the event I wrote about back in March – see Action Workshops for Home Based Business Operators – Lismore, Australia – put on by our local Northern Rivers Business Advisory Service with state government assistance under its program to support home based business development.

I have a few stories to tell from the day’s activities. As I like to hear and share success stories about home based businesses I’ll start by mentioning the story of one of the day’s presenters, Robert McAdam, CEO of Pure Hacking, based in Sydney, Australia.Formerly a policeman, Rob moved into internet security and was with IBM before setting up his own business.

Although his clients now tend to be financial institutions and other large corporate or government enterprises, Rob had some practical advice on security for those of us present who are still working out of our own homes. One suggestion came out of a question about making payments online: the suggestion was to have a credit card with a very low limit, say $300, to enable you to make those smaller purchases but limit your risk. As Rob wisely reminded us, there are always risks in business and the trick is to narrow the risk gap (my paraphrase).

Even if your budget doesn’t run to hiring a company like Rob’s, his site is worth a visit for some of the interesting information about security threats, which can create havoc just as much, proportionately, for a small home based business as for a large enterprise. 

And the risk may be nearer than we think. Just this morning a colleague told me that his ISP had finally worked out why he was having trouble accessing his home based account – a person in a neighbouring suburb had hacked his user name and password and was regularly logging in as if it were my colleague doing so.

And the success story? Well, Rob told me he started out as a home based business owner. Now, three short years later, he has a million dollar business, with five employees, so can’t fit in the house any more!

His company is also credentialled as an Australian Government endorsed supplier – a certification which I know from experience the government does not hand out like candy. 

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  1. Norbert says:

    Very Interesting article. In this day and age people should take security very seriously, whatever you do.

    Thanks for providing such useful information.

  2. It always amazes me how people can neglect their own simple security issues, whether it’s personal or a home-based business. Incredibly, there are many out there who don’t even have proper, up to date AV and firewall software on their computers.

  3. Hello,

    Interesting article. I work from home and challenges are always a big part of making it successful. I will check out the links further.

    Thank you for provided such useful information.

  4. Tom at The Home Business Archive says:

    Risk management may seem quite “distant” when you are running a small homebased business. The risk can be reduced by making sure that your computer is protected against viruses and other threats.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Des,

    Thanks for your reply… Appreciate it a lot…

    Haha… I was on a conference call just now with a group of Aussies

    members that Stephen have, and was helping them to solve some

    of their burning questions…

    I have been Tony’s UPW too, and many other seminar, most

    importantly, I have picked up a lot of successful mindset over

    the years.

    Thanks for your comments on my site, I will on it.

    Meanwhile, do check out the FREE report that Stephen is giving away.

  6. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for the comment. Stephen Pierce is a top guy as well as a top guru – I had the pleasure of meeting him in Sydney last year (he’s so tall!) and his brother “Pakii” Pierce is also an excellent human being and internet wiz.

    I did a course a few years ago which used Bob Proctor’s Born Rich program as the base and it was for the most part a great experience.

    Just now I’m using the Sedona Method (google/amazon it) which is less dramatic than Bob Proctor’s approach – or Tony Robbins, or (name your guru) – and it is very transforming.

    Btw, you have a very stylish looking site and photo of yourself, but there doesn’t seem to an “about Roy” link – it would be good surely if you had some bio info on the site. Be well and prosper!

  7. Anonymous says:


    I love your Blog post on Internet Security and Home Based Business and etc… and most importantly, I love Australia…

    I have been working from home for coming 2 years and was an Internet Marketer. I was personally coach by Stephen Pierce, one of the top guru on Internet, and was together with him marketing his latest product on The Secret, Law of Attractions and etc…

    Let me know if you are interested to be part of this great trend sought after by a lot of The Secret Fans…

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