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How Much Time do Bloggers Invest in Writing?

When I talk with people about blogging, sooner or later someone observes that as they would have to spend a lot of time writing, they might not get around to it for a while (or ever!). I hear the voice of a high school English teacher in the background of these conversations, prescribing the essay […]

List of Popular Blogs

MarketingSherpa’s readers’ choice blog awards are on again. Voting closes soon on the favourite blogs of MarketingSherpa readers – but it would seem anyone can vote: rating criteria are – personality, usefulness, writing style, usability & design, and ‘would you re-visit?’ – click here for the voting page. I found it interesting to read the […]

Reflections on a Missed Blogging Conference in Sydney

In the past couple of weeks people I know who live in Sydney and who know of my interest in blogging, but aren’t themselves bloggers,¬† have been asking me about the ‘big conference’ on blogging held there a week or two ago. They heard people being interviewed about it on the radio, they said. This […]

LinkedIn Experience – a View from New York State

Dr Carlos Velez has written very interestingly about his Linkedin experience on his blog¬† The Life Sciences in New York State. In the article, he recounts an amusing experience of being at a conference where a bunch of people from a particular bank were assiduously collecting business cards from other attendees but requests for them […]

Jambo – A Wireless Connector of People

One of the first people to join my new Linkedin Bloggers group is Danny R. Faught from Fort Worth, Texas, owner of Tejas Software Consulting, a self-described Software Alchemist and a keen networker. Danny is actively promoting a new networking venture, Jambo Networks, which uses wireless technology to enhance face-to-face networking. The Jambo site explains the system […]