Keeping it Light

This is a slightly edited version of some comments I made the other day on a Ryze forum dedicated to business blogging.


Because I aim to post at least once a day (which on average I achieve) I want the process to be as enjoyable for me as possible. So I allow myself some latitude and post about what I find interesting or amusing, not too narrowly ‘niched’. That way it’s never a chore.


I’m fascinated each day by seeing the stats on my blog as to what people are actually interested in reading, as distinct from what I think are the more ‘interesting’ or ‘significant’ posts. Part of the reason that a blog which started out with a focus on home business has a lot of posts about blogging is that the posts about blogs and blogging kept getting higher stats than some of the other posts on various aspects of home based business. I like to listen to my readers. And I admit it, I do enjoy sharing what I discover about blogging 🙂


Also, I find that readers of this blog – like people everywhere, like some fun stuff. I’m the same: for example, I like to read the weekly IT section in one of our main newspapers to keep up with the serious IT stuff, and I usually check out the Dilbert cartoon first or second!


In that vein I find it interesting that people have commented happily to me, in emails, or personally, on the more lighthearted bits I include, like the pictures of waterdragons visiting my home office.

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