Archives for April 2005

Banish Those Digicam Blues – Help is at Hand

If you’re like me and you’ve now realised that there is more to digital photography than pointing and clicking, but don’t know where to turn to find out that ‘more’, help is at hand, courtesy of the new Digital Photography in Depth blog just launched by NY/NJ photographer and digeratus, Ken Lee. It’s a very […]

How to Benefit from the Customer-Made Trend

Of all the multitudinous messages in my email each month, there is the rubbish and there is the gold. One of the golden messages is always the Trendwatching ezine. The May edition, which focuses on the ‘Customer-Made’ trend, is no exception. ‘Customer-Made’ is summed up as follows: the phenomenon of corporations creating goods, services and experiences […]

Some Free Resources for Personal and Business Development

It’s a real treat to find a site on the Internet that offers useful information and resources free, without a catch. (Incidentally, one of the delights of blogging is that you can use the word ‘free’ in the title or body of a post without having to disguise it, as you need to in email – #8216;fr*e’ […]

The Humble File Note Could Save Your Bacon

One of the smarter people I know, a lawyer who not only knows the law but knows business and also knows how to help people, in a very practical way, to take their business from a bright idea after the third or fourth beer to a fully-fledged money generator, is my friend Noric Dilanchian, principal […]

File Notes Are a Good Management and Learning Tool

One thing I used to do very well when I was in the public service was to write good file notes. That was partly because it was regarded as good public service practice – partly, to be frank, on the ‘cover your rear’ principle. It also meant that another person could take over the project […]