Blogging Valuable for Small Business: WSJ Article

My personal view is that small businesses and especially home based businesses are better positioned than larger enterprises to use blogging for business.

Why? Mainly, in my view, because the personal style that helps blogs stand out from the crowd is easier for the small business owner to achieve than it is for the chief executive of a larger corporation. And I believe this works even better for the sole trader or home based business owner.

It’s been around for a couple of weeks now, but there is a very good article in the Wall Street Journal of March 1, Blogs Keep Internet Customers Coming Back, which illustrates the potential value of blogging for business and especially for small business.

I liked particularly the point the writer makes, that blogging in the business context is more sensibly or usefully seen as being about communication than about marketing.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you on that count: blogging is ideal for the small/home business owner in that it enables him/her to build a relationship with a potential customer that doesn’t cost a fortune.

    Blogging seems to be ideally suited to a home business.