Archives for March 2005

Brainy Quotes

I’m very keen to fulfil my intention of posting to this blog at least once a day and here I am, ready to retire for the evening without having posted today. Shouldn’t be too hard, I thought. Have a thought, dash something off. Not so easy in practice. For inspiration, I turned to a resource […]

Blogs in China – Some New Figures

In a recent article here I talked about the rapid growth in numbers of blogs worldwide. In a comment on that article, Phil Wolff, publisher of the Blog Count site, suggested there were some 50 million active blogs, 10 million of them in Korea alone. Today I noticed an article by Kathleen Gilroy, CEO of the Otter […]

Getting Serious About Laughing

I think most of us know that laughter is good for our health and sense of well-being. And while we all know people who seem to be able to get themselves and other people laughing very easily, sometimes we let ourselves get weighed down and unable to see the funny side of life (or business). […]

Importing from Typepad to BlogHarbor

When I set up this blog on BlogHarbor’s Blogware system, I was really pleased that I could import articles I’d written on my Typepad site to this new one. So I followed the system and then thought no more about it. Wrong! I’ve just spent the past couple of hours on a painful but necessary […]

Des at work – call this work? :)

I used to have my desk and computer in a room with no view. No more. This is where I spend most of my day and some nights. So now with a glance to my left I can see greenery and, more significantly, whenever I look up from my computer I see the garden. Cool.