Archives for February 2005

The Power of Good Questions

I’ve been sitting with my friend Bill showing him some blogs and helping him work out how to become a blogger. Bill, like me, is a coach, and like any good coach asks great questions. He’s been asking me a lot of questions about how you set up a blog, how to get traffic to […]

Networking with LinkedIn

I’ve been a member for some time now of the online ‘networking network’, LinkedIn, but have not made use of it. Basic membership is free, which might explain in part my lack of action. Today I decided to take a more active approach – prompted by a discussion on The Networkers’ Network on Ryze. I’m […]

Blog Manners Matter

I’ve been a bit miffed lately to notice, on another blog I have, that some people were leaving vacuous “comments” simply to build their traffic – not good manners, in my view. So when I read this article on manners in blogging by Jim Edwards in my email this morning, I knew I had to share […]

First Time Bloggers

A colleague asked yesterday could he come over and have me show him how to get into blogging and I realised that although there are so many things I really want to know about blogging, RSS, trackbacks, and so on, I have actually acquired quite a bit of knowledge in the one and a half […]

My biggest mistake in business blogging

In an email interview recently, fellow coach and blogger Patsi Krakoff – CoachEzinesBlog – asked me what my greatest mistake had been so far in business blogging. Recovering fairly quickly from the instinctive “what do you mean, ‘mistake’? – me?” I replied that what  I would prefer to call my greatest ‘learning experience’ has been in […]