Blogging for Business – A Neat Q&A

Lately I’ve started to realise I’m becoming a bit of an evangelist for blogging as a valuable (and eventually, I believe, essential) tool for the home based business entrepreneur. The more I get into blogging in the business context and the more I pick up on conversations online about the more general subject of business blogs and blogging, the more obvious it seems to me that blogging – with RSS – offers potentially amazing benefits for home based business.

I remember how back in the mid 90s some people looked askance when I talked about the world wide web and business. I see similar puzzlement now when I talk about blogging, and even more so if I get onto RSS! I recognise that there are people, quite successful in business, who either don’t know what I’m talking about or don’t see the relevance for their business.

So I was pleased to see that, in a recent Q&A interview with conducted by Seattle PI’s Brian Chin, Blog Business Summit  founder Steve Broback spelled out how he sees blogging now and prospectively in the business context. Worth a read.

The tagline of the Blog Business Summit, a new event being held next week in Seattle, Washington, USA, says the Summit is aimed at showing ‘how your business can leverage current real-world blogging techniques, tools and platforms to promote and enhance your ventures’.

Picking up on that, and with my attention on the potential for home based business owners and entrepreneurs, I am on a campaign to promote awareness of the ease with which people can start blogging, the very low entry cost and the rapid growth of a blogging community serious about business. These factors alone surely give this technology a strong claim on the attention of home based business entrepreneurs.

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