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Blogs on the Map

One of the good things about living in Sydney was that, at least from the 2000 Olympics on, people around the world had some idea where I was located. Since we moved a few hundred miles north to the beautiful Gold Coast/Tweed Coast area, explaining where I am has been more of a challenge. But […]

Blog Business Summit: Tom Peters Doesn’t Work for the US Postal Service

Thinking about the no show by Tom Peters and a few other expected participants at the Blog Business Summit, on account of severe weather problems, I recalled, inconsequentially, the legendary  motto of the US Postal Service – ‘Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds’. I didn’t attend the […]

Jim Edwards Writes With Elegance

Like many people in the online business world, I’m probably on more mailing lists than are good for me: hold on, delete “probably”, insert “definitely”. But how do I know that if I cancel a specific subscription I won’t miss out on a great business tip or opportunity tomorrow? I don’t. So I kill some subscriptions […]

Email Challenges: Gmail to the Rescue

It’s been a couple of days of challenges on the email front. First we had a message from our ISP that one of our sites was about to be taken down because of a fierce spam attack on the mail server. The report, perhaps not remarkable to technical people who see these things all the time, was […]

Email Challenges: Gmail to the Rescue

(Note from site owner. This post is a copy of the post of the same name and – apart from this paragraph – same content, dated January 26, 2005. At some point, date stamps for this post and a few others varied by a digit, so links to this url have been returning an error […]