Archives for December 2004

The Home Business Guy is Here

This is my first blog using the BlogHarbor facility for testing Blogware. I have another Blogware blog on trial, using the Lockergnome reseller, but I’m not impressed. I’m hoping Blogware will work out well and so far I’m optimistic.  

Make your tax dollars work for you

Home based business owners, in my experience, love to know about a bargain for goods or services they need. One place you can get a bargain – in fact get help for free – is from government websites. The old joke is that one of the great lies is “I’m from the government.I’m here to […]

Typepad and RSS button

Had a response from Typepad support which goes some way to solving the problem of what happens when you click on the RSS or XML buttons. My concern was that when I left clicked (as I do for RSS/XML buttons on other blogs) I got a Windows Explorer File Download window asking did I want […]

A nice invitation

(I have no idea what was here originally! dw)

Best business books

For any business person wanting to plan their reading for the new year, the Forbes Business Books of the Year list is a useful resource. It is a mixed sort of list and was compiled partly on the number of Google hits! Nice to see that Seth Godin’s ‘Free Prize Inside: the Next Big Marketing […]