Archives for November 2004

Blog Business Summit

Today I’m wondering how I can put the couple of grand together to be able to get to the Blog Business Summit in Seattle, WA, January 24-25, 2005. This looks like being a very stimulating event, with an impressive list of speakers and lots of significant topics being aired right now on the summit blog. Among the […]

Thanksgiving and the Dolphin

My email and various online forums these past few days have been awash with Thanksgiving messages. Some have been good wishes, others have been commercial messages. Thanksgiving is a very American event and clearly of huge significance for Americans. So this year I have sent greetings to various American relatives, friends and colleagues, including American […]

Establishing Trust

I’m not a great handyman at the best of times and I’m certainly no expert in fixing cars. In fact, it’s best for me to leave cars to the real experts, even (especially?) when it comes to things like touching up paintwork. Trouble is, sometimes there are jobs that are so small that, especially as […]

Personalized Treatment

There’s training and there’s habit. I’ve been noticing lately that some people who earn their money in direct contact with the public – shopkeepers, checkout desk persons – are sometimes so uninterested in the customer that they don’t even look at the customer when they take their money. As if the money comes from thin […]