Multiple Blogs

It’s so easy to have multiple blogs, not just with systems like Typepad Plus/Pro but simply by using different tools/accounts. I actually have a few blogs floating like space debris in cyberspace.

Posted this on the Ryze Blogs and Blogging network today.

Just now I have two main blogs, one with a focus on home based business and which I’m posting to at least every few days – Thinking Home Business on Typepad – and another which has been untouched for months, having started out as a focus for my coaching interests – also on Typepad – and which I’m now looking at reviving for coaching issues and for the things I want to blog about that don’t fit even loosely under the home business category.

To complicate matters, I have a monthly (or so) newsletter and am about to start another one. In some ways I would prefer to have another couple of blogs rather than ezines via email, and encourage people to download newsfeed software (wishful thinking for some of my subscribers, I suspect).

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