Richard Branson’s Five Key Factors

Currently reading Des Dearlove’s Business the Richard Branson Way, subtitled 10 Secrets of the World’s Greatest Brand Builder. There is a fair bit of adulation in the book, although it does mention some of Branson’s foibles and lists some of the criticisms others have made of him.

A useful list I read this morning was that of the five key factors on which it is said Branson believes the Virgin company’s reputation has been built (“Virgin brand values”), namely: value for money; quality; reliability; innovation; and an indefinable, but nonetheless palpable, sense of fun.

Another, “slightly snappier” version of this list is given as: “genuine and fun; contemporary and different; consumers’ champion; and first class at business-class price”.

I see no reason why these principles couldn’t be applied in the home based business context. In fact, there are some good reasons why applying them could be more manageable than in a corporate context. For example, if I decide I want to incorporate more fun into the services I offer, I don’t need anyone else’s permission to go right ahead and do it!

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