Managing RSS

Great intentions this Saturday morning to finish the initial production of the website my partner Suzie and I are putting up as a resource for home based business operators and wannabes.

First thing I noticed when I sat at the computer was my little Bloglines notifier blinking – “you have feeds” it was saying. Just a quick look,  I said. Aaaaaaaaargh! How can my sense of responsibility compete with the tantalizing array of facts, opinions and oddities flung up by an rss feed?

I have Bloglines set to pick up feeds from Gizmodo, Salon, the Quantum Gardener and a couple of others. So there I was with the weirdest new gizmos, all the latest facts and opinions on the US Presidential elections, the ontological musings of the Quantum Gardener. What about the website? Soon.

So to the other distractions a home based bizoid has to deal with – friends dropping in, telemarketers, the fridge, isolation, lack of support staff, did I mention the fridge? – I now have to add RSS feeds and develop a strategy to curb my curiosity and manage the info feed process.

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