Archives for October 2004

Power of Thought

From whoever coined the aphorism “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”, through the Englishman James Allen, author of the slight but influential tome, “As a Man Thinketh”, there have been many who have pointed out that the way we think is crucial to the achivement and maintenance of prosperity. Napoleon Hill’s […]

Multiple Blogs

It’s so easy to have multiple blogs, not just with systems like Typepad Plus/Pro but simply by using different tools/accounts. I actually have a few blogs floating like space debris in cyberspace. Posted this on the Ryze Blogs and Blogging network today. Just now I have two main blogs, one with a focus on home […]

Mistaken Identity

I do like to get my facts right first time. The next best thing is to correct the mistake. Noticing that the male water dragon has distinctive red features, I realised that “George” is probably “Georgina”. Anyway, Georgina the Water Dragon still runs across the yard frequently and provides me with offscreen entertainment as I […]

Richard Branson’s Five Key Factors

Currently reading Des Dearlove’s Business the Richard Branson Way, subtitled 10 Secrets of the World’s Greatest Brand Builder. There is a fair bit of adulation in the book, although it does mention some of Branson’s foibles and lists some of the criticisms others have made of him. A useful list I read this morning was […]

Buttons on Typepad Sidebar

After a lot of searching and frustation, I worked out how to put linked buttons on the sidebar of this blog (this post imported from Typepad blog Original Home Business) and am happy to share if anyone finds this item and wants to know. Part of the problem was that the info on the Everything […]